Quartzite Collection

Hard metamorphic (changing) sandstone rock that is heated with quartz pieces recrystallized to produce a look that looks more like a painting than a pattern. 90% comprised of Quartz, Quartzite is often found in hills, mountain ranges and rocky coastlines.

Core Characteristics

Typically lighter, veiny movement, Quartzite is often described as having the look of marble but the density and durability of granite. Quartzite’s got the best of both worlds. In fact, quartzite is so dense, it’s often more challenging to fabricate.

A Class of Its Own

Sealing quartzite isn’t mandatory as it is with the other stones, because it is less porous. It is so thick, it must be taken from the Earth’s surface, rather than mined underground.

Most Select Setting

With a combination of colors so dynamic to the untrained eye, restaurants have frequently enjoyed the benefits of Quartzite as a decorative layer. Quartzite also populates more high kitchen counter tops and Bar-B-Ques projecting a flashy look that isn’t over the top. In other words, décor + decorum = Quartzite

Fun Fact

Quartzite is so durable it is often used as bedding around a railroad track.